It's been confirmed that Lee Min Ho (Heirs, Boys Over Flowers) and Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) have broken up! The news has sent shock waves to K-drama fans around the world! It was a stunning surprise in March 2015 when their secret date was revealed, but it's also a surprise now since the lovely couple just recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary. Both sides have cited unspecified personal reasons, but one unavoidable factor that pops into our minds is none other than military service. What do you think?

Lee Min Ho is currently serving his required military duty in civil service, while Suzy is busy with her singing and acting career. You would think that celebrity couples, especially actors, should be accustomed to schedule difficulties affecting their face-time, and we're not pointing at military service as the direct reason for their breakup, but it can't be ruled out as an influence.

What about other famous examples?

We don't have to reach far to find that Joo Won (Good DoctorMy Sassy Girl) and BoA have broken up, as just reported on November 13. The couple started dating late last year and attributed their mutual attraction to common hobbies and interests. Then the handsome leading man enlisted in May this year. 

Another very publicized case was Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na, who co-starred in the popular time-travel romance Queen In Hyun's Man

The leading man very famously confessed his true feelings at a press event. A surprised Yoo In Na later agreed that he would become "Yoo In Na's Man." This reel-to-real pair was so romantic that it broke fans' hearts when they broke up. Ji Hyun Woo entered his 21-month military service almost right after they started dating, and the break-up news was announced in May 2014, soon after he completed his service. Reading between the lines, it would appear that the break-up already occurred before he was discharged. (I'm still sad.)

Some fans may actually feel it's great that their favorite leading men are available again. But actors and celebrities are people too, and they seek true love and companionship just like we regular people do. So, whether we initially agree with a certain pairing, we should still extend our sympathetic support to those who have experienced a breakup.

There is also a ray of hope when we hear about couples who have stayed together regardless of military service. Rain and Kim Tae Hee were revealed to be dating while he was in the military. After years of going steady, they finally married in January this year and welcomed their first child, a daughter, on October 25. Congratulations!

The Package’s Jung Yong Hwa recently talked about not being scared about military service anymore. We don't know if the officially single leading man has a secret romance. (No, there is no news of the CNBlue singer dating!) But if he did, let's wish him good luck. 


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What do you think about celebrity romance and military service?

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