Despite the North Korean government's serious stance again the use of hard drugs, Marijuana is reportedly not considered a drug. NK news receives reports from vistiors of North Korea that marijuana grows freely along the roads, from the streets of Pyongyang all the way up to the northern town of Chongjin. The sources are people who work inside North Korea and make regular trips in and out of the country. They confirm that weed is smoked in the open since there is no taboo around pot-smoking. Many residents have smoked up what they call "Ip tambae," which means leaf tobacco. It is said that it's popular among young soldiers in the DPRK military to unwind by lighting up instead of getting hooked on tar and nicotine. However, despite its acceptance and prevalence in North Korea, weed enthusiasts will be disappointed, as most guides are aware of the legal attitudes of the west towards marijuana. It is important to note that the weed smoking in culture is different from the west, and the locals dont't smoke to get high but as a substitute for the cheap local cigarettes. The black markets of North Korea sell marijuana is commonly at a cheap price and it is easily obtainable. Therefore, the drug is especially popular among the lower classes of North Korean society. It is common culture for North Korean workers to relax and soothe sore muscles by smoking marijuana after a day of hard manual labor. Do you believe this story, or would you file it away with North Korea proving the existence of unicorns? (Source: