There is a new report, unconfirmed as usual, that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is shopping for a new first lady. The reason is that his wife is somehow connected to the uncle-in-law who was killed by Kim Jong-un in a swift purge just last month.

Little is known about Mrs. Kim Jong-un, or Ri Sol-ju, other than that she's around 30 and was a singer in the Unhasu Orchestra, which lost nine members to executions by order of the supreme leader last year. The official reason was that those nine, along with other entertainers, were making and selling pornographic films.

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When Jang Sung-taek was executed for being "despicable human scum," there were quite a few rumors going around attempting to explain the reason for his swift and harsh punishment. One rumor was that he had had sexual dalliance with many entertainers, including Ri Sol-ju before she was married.

(In happier days)

Even before Jang Sung-taek was executed, Ri Sol-Ju had not been seen in public for many days, although it was also alleged that she and other high-level officials were present to witness Jang's execution. Now that Jang is gone, the new speculation is that Ri Sol-ju will be replaced as soon as Kim Jong-un finds a replacement.