A Taiwanese woman received a banana in the mail recently. Yes, that is one banana that was signed, stamped, addressed, and delivered in full. The postman said this was the most unusual delivery he ever made in his thirty years as a postman.

The banana was stamped with a NT$20 stamp. On the front of the banana, the address was written along with a 'handle with care' note. On the back of the banana, it was written 'Wishing to share this banana with you. Hoping for its successful delivery.'

This banana traveled 40 km (25 miles) from Kaohsiung to Pingtung. Unfortunately, the receiver was not home as she was studying at a graduate school in another city. Her grandparents accepted the 'package' and said they would put it in the fridge for their granddaughter when she comes home for the weekend.

The sender was apparently a fun-loving friend who was inspired by the recent news report about a Scottish man who received a banana in the mail. That banana traveled 130 km (80 miles) to reach its destination.

Taiwan is nicknamed "Kingdom of Bananas" for its abundant harvest of high-quality bananas that are exported to surrounding Asian countries. The Taiwanese postal service is well known for its efficient and quality service, but I'm sure the postmen would rather not see this 'banana delivery service' become trendy or there'll be plenty of squashed bananas for banana muffins.