You won't believe the enthralling absurdity that is the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Dinner consists of a wild entertainment and food extravaganza with dancing girls, live music, huge monsters, and of course insanely big robots with dolls' heads. The show includes just about the craziest things a human mind can imagine, and it's hard to tell if it is cool or just incredibly creepy.

Every evening there are three shows with each performance lasting about an hour. You get an assigned seat and the choice of a meat or fish bento meal for around $50. The restaurant is littered in LED lights and the floors are covered in mirrors, which gives the place a trippy feel. Given the eatery's eclectic and overall crazy nature, it's no surprise that Anthony Bourdain featured the restaurant on his CNN show, "Parts Unknown." Check out this wild video and pictures from the Robot Restaurant!

A bento box that's part of admission.

The sSeating in the restaurant.