Shinhwa, the oldest active idol group of South Korea, is coming back with their new album The Classic in just a few days! Shinhwa debuted in 1998 and, surprisingly—with some breaks in between—they're still together. The average age of the members are now known to be 34, 35ish.

Coincidentally, Shinhwa’s comeback overlaps with Lee Hyori's comeback this May and 2PM’s new studio album Grown. Unlike people’s assumption that Shinhwa probably would feel insecure about these overlaps, Eric said “We actually welcome it.” He also added that “our group doesn’t want to compete with younger idols on the same level. We hope to show a different concept that fits idols in their 30s." Despite their older age, Shinhwa looks as energetic as 2PM!

Are you looking forward to Shinhwa's comeback?