After Descendants of the Sun stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo dropped their surprise wedding announcement earlier this week, it's now a new trend to speculate when the real-life romance started. How did "Big Boss" handle questions at a fan meet, such as: Is he more romantic than Captain Yoo, and who would he rather be with if he were stranded on an island? Did he reveal any clues to his secret romance?

The fan meet took place in Taiwan in 2016, and the original interview video (in Chinese) is included at the end of this article. 

Here are the top most important questions for the popular K-drama leading man who played a special forces captain that won the love of a beautiful doctor played by Song Hye Gyo.

1. Is Song Joong Ki or Captain Yoo more romantic?

SJK: "I'm not so romantic like Captain Yoo. There is probably no such romantic man in the real world. But I did learn a lot of techniques from Captain Yoo on how to interact with females."

2. Naturally the interviewer followed up quickly with, "Such as?"

He answered that previously he didn't know about tying shoelaces or hair for a woman.

SJK: "I could not have imagined such things as tying shoelaces or hair. My dad probably learned a few things too."

3. If he were lost at sea and got stuck on an island for years, who would he choose among his five good friends: Song Hye Gyo, Yoo Ah InLee Kwang SooJo In Sung, and Park Bo Gum?

He answered with Lee Kwang Soo, who is much taller and can pick fruits from tall trees to keep them alive. The interviewer followed with, "So Kwang Soo will be used like a monkey?" Song Joong Ki replied, "No, more like a giraffe." 

He then added, "Joking aside, Lee Kwang Soo is my best friend. So spending 20 or 30 years with him is not a problem at all."

What do you think of his answer? (For more on Song Joong Ki's real-life best friends, take a look HERE.)

We now know from Song Joong Ki's letter to the fans that he and Song Hye Gyo promised lifetime commitment at the beginning of 2017. (Yeah, it's strongly likely that they started dating in 2016.) If the interview question were asked today, who do you think he'd choose to spend years on an island with now?

Here is the fan-meet interview that took place in late June, 2016. The question about who is more romantic starts at 6:53.

It sounds like Captain Yoo taught Song Joong Ki a few good tips on dating. Just look at the successful result!

Have you thought of watching Descendants of the Sun with your significant other to pick up dating ideas?


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