My Secret Romance-mania is running long and strong at DramaFever office! We just can't seem to get enough of our adorable lead actors and all their cutesy antics. To top if off, the story line just keeps getting better. Case in point, Episode 3 where the mom (remember the one who was an adult actress? Yep, her.) comes back with a little baby boy in tow! Lo behold, he's three years old! The exact age, as Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun's fateful one night stand. While he is apparently her mother's son from her latest marriage, it just has us he really?

Could he be their love child?

Well...for starters wouldn't be a crazy twist in the plot? Imagine, if he is their baby, that just changes everything. Sung Hoon's father is dying for a male heir, so chances are he will want the baby and that means he might want the baby mama too! The baby angle might also end up ending their cold war and bring them closer! Not only does the plot drastically change, but how freaking adorable that they have this amazing connection that will bring them closer!

Maybe he's not their child, and really is her step brother?!

Yep, its a possibility. Chances are Sung Hoon might assume that's his love child and that could create an interesting twist in the tale and ensuing confusion that just adds to the k-drama awesomeoness. Or maybe the baby has nothing to do with how the story line progresses but is simply there to add more #aigoos to the screen! 

Ugh, this mystery will only be solved with time, but for now get on Facebook and vote who you think the baby belongs too! Additionally, leave us a comment below and lets seriously get to the heart of the matter! Will the real baby daddy please stand up?!

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My Secret Romance

Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun

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