In Tokyo when you need some extra ad space guaranteed to gain a lot of attention, the only reasonable choice is to use the thighs of young women. The latest trend in advertising is placing small to medium sized advertisements on women’s thighs, and the reasoning is beyond sexist (in my opinion).

During an interview, an advertiser claimed that women’s thighs are the perfect place for ads because men naturally stare at the thighs of women in short skirts and shorts. According to him, it makes all the sense in the world to do this. Well ok, yes it's true most guys will look and even stare at whatever body part a woman tends to expose, but it doesn’t make it right to exploit it.

But then again, from a marketing and advertising point of view I think it’s an awesome idea, especially if the advertiser is specifically targeting men with this attention grabber. Also, even if the product is geared towards a male audience, women will also take notice and may inquire about the thigh advertisement. They, themselves, may also become a walking billboard.

So far, over 3,000 women are participating in this program, but don’t worry, no under-aged girls allowed. In order to participate, women must be 18 and older and obviously comfortable wearing mini-skirts, thigh-highs, and other leg focused attire.

This interesting way of advertising has its good and bad points. If you’re interested in knowing how the ads are applied, it's simple! Remember those little sticker tattoo things that you would place on your skin, soak in water, then slide the little paper off and your fake tattoo would adhere to your skin?! Yep! It’s the same thing!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE