Talk about high expectations. 20-year-old Lee Seo Won made his debut only two years ago, but there's already talk of him being on his way to becoming the next Song Joong Ki or Park Bo Gum. What is it about the young actor that has gotten everyone around him so excited about his future?

Being compared to two of Korea's biggest stars is something else, especially if you're still still just in your third year as an entertainer, but that is exactly what has been happening to Lee Seo Won lately. Having appeared in such dramas as Uncontrollably Fond and the new Lovely Love Lie, the up-and-coming star recently took part in a press conference for the latter, where he received just about the highest praise any young Korean actor could get from anyone, let alone a director. According to Kim Jin Min, the man at the helm of Lovely Love LieLee Seo Won is set to become the next true superstar of Korean dramas, "likely to follow the steps of Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum." That's a pretty big deal, being compared to two icons of Korean entertainment, but maybe the director is on to something.

First off, Lee Seo Won belongs to Blossom Entertainment, the agency where both Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum belong to. So you know he's got the right people looking after him, who are setting up his future the way they see fit. And as if to literally follow the same career path as the two older stars, the 20-year-old is currently hosting popular show Music Bank, just like his agency seniors. So yes, it's totally possible that as we speak, young Lee Seo Won is getting groomed to be the next big megastar. 

Good luck to him . . . hope he fastens his seat belt!

Lee Seo Won


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