I don't recall having actually enjoyed a geometry lecture, or any other lecture that had to do with math, in all the years I went to school. But if four-year-old math genius Miko from the Philippines was my teacher, I would have made sure never to miss a class!

Besides the fact that he can recite the entire periodic table, name all the capital cities in the world, and draw and label an entire world map, Miko is just another four-year-old kid. By the age of two, Miko was already exhibiting signs of his advanced IQ, reading and spelling simple words by using his toys. By three, he was able to name all American states, their capitals, and their location, and was even able to identify each and every state flag. From there, he moved on to being able to name all of the countries on the globe, along with where they were and which flag belonged to which country. And now, at the age of four, this happy Filipino boy enjoys solving areas of polygons, irregular shapes, and cones, as seen in the videos below. Watching the videos will definitely make you smile, just because Miko's so cute when explaining the process of solving the problems that I, as an adult, have no idea how to do. The best thing about Miko's situation is that it's obvious he has fun doing math, and he actually enjoys it. It's like watching a kid playing when you watch Miko doing geometry.

His parents must be proud. 


Area of an irregular shape!

No idea what this is about...

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