If something is said to be worth its weight in gold, it means it is extremely valuable or extremely useful. So, what about a woman who wears a lot of gold on her wedding day? In a recent wedding that took place in Guangdong province of China, the slender bride, as shown in the photos, was wearing an abundance of gold jewelry that probably weighed as much as she does.

In the photos, the bride is clearly seen wearing 4 big gold bracelets on each arm, and at least 3 shining strands of necklaces that are each filled with many gold bracelets, totaling more than 70 bracelets. She is also wearing expensive looking rings on her hands and other golden adornments underneath the many gold bracelets.

Is the groom marrying the bride, or her gold?

According to the report, the wedding was definitely extravagant. The bride had 10 bridesmaids. The groom himself wore quite a lot of gold jewelry. Scores of luxury cars with expensive brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Maserati were parked in the parking lot outside.

It's not clear whether the gifts came from the bride's side as a form of dowry, or from other guests. It is a tradition to give gifts in gold because gold is considered 'real wealth' that can last forever. When Chinese people buy gold jewelry for this kind of special occasion, they look down on anything less than 22K gold. Just the sheer quantity and weight shows that this bride is going to be quite a heavy load for the groom to carry across the threshold. Wait, carrying the bride over the threshold is not a Chinese custom. Whew..