Seriously, I don’t even think Clark W. Griswold would have brought his family to this place if it were still open. The amusement park Gulliver's Kingdom, once located near Mount Fuji, was opened in 1997 but closed four years later supposedly due to lack of visitors, but what really caused it to close?

Unfortunately, this fun place based on the book Gulliver’s Travels was located in a serious “No Fun Zone.” Nearby lies home to the “2nd most popular suicide spot in the world,” named Suicide Forest. It’s been reported that over 500 people have killed themselves in this location.

Also nearby was home to the religious cult, Aum Shinrikyo. This group killed 12 people and injured thousands when they released nerve gas in a Tokyo subway back in the 1990's.

A few years ago, photographer Martin Lyle visited the park and took photos of everything from the vibrantly colored village buildings, to the creeptastically huge Gulliver statue lying along the edge of the park.

A creepy and graffiti covered Gulliver.

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No one knows the actual reason for the park's closure. Lack of guests because of a not-so-cool location, sure, but my guess is that no one came because there were no rides. I didn't see a single ride in any of these photos, did you? o_0

Gulliver's Kingdom ended up being completely demolished in 2007.

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