A Japanese seafood wholesaler was recently stunned to find a lavender-colored king crab hidden inside a shipment from Russia. As you know, king crabs are normally reddish brown alive but turn bright red when they are cooked so the color is quite shocking.

When workers at Marusan Mikami, a Japanese seafood wholesaler in Hokkaido, opened up a shipment of Red king crabs, they found a king crab that was in lavender color all over its body.

Kenetsu Mikami, President of Marusan Mikami, says this is the first time he's seen the lavender color on a crab in his 25 years of experience with crabs, and believes it is a good omen for the new year to find this king crab. Mr. Mikami says he won't sell the lavender king crab and will only keep it for display. The crab weights 3.5 kg, or almost 8 pounds, with a leg span of about 1 meter, or 3 feet.

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Red king crabs are a species native to the Bering Sea. They can grow to a leg span of 1.8 meters, or 5.9 feet. Experts say the unusual color could be the result of diet or a genetic abnormality causing it to lack certain pigment. However, some netizens are wondering if it is the effect of radiation. Either way, luckily for the rare lavender-colored king crab, it may escape the dining table for now because of its unusual color.