Seeing someone in a turban is, of course, nothing to make a big deal of. But when the turban is as big as this one you're about to see, heads do turn!

Lucky for us, it doesn't take much effort to turn our heads. A 60-year-old religious man in the Peshwar region in India is the proud owner of a turban that is 645 centimeters in height and 45 kilograms in weight. With accessories, it totals 85 kilograms. That is approximately 200 pounds on your head! It's hard to imagine being able to do anything with something that heavy on your head, but this man seems to have no problem. He even cruises up and down the streets on his motorbike, like it ain't no thing. Pretty cool dude, I must say.

Still, there must be some inconveniences that this man and others around him encounter in his daily life. I don't know if he's a movie fan, but where does he sit at the movie theater? For all other moviegoers in Peshwar, I hope he sits in the very back.

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