Does it matter to you if Unpretty Rapstar contestant Truedy is biracial or not? Truedy’s “hip hop” appearance has caused some controversy.

Truedy is a standout competitor on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 who bears more than a passing resemblance to the American-born Korean Yoon Mi Rae. Yoon Mi Rae is a very successful rapper and singer in South Korea. Truedy not only looks a bit like her, but many participants on Unpretty have also acknowledged that their voices are similar as well. Is it a case of doppelgängers, or imitation?

Yoon Mi Rae (via Western Girl Eastern Boy)

Yoon Mi Rae has a Korean mother and an African-American father, making her biracial status somewhat unusual in South Korea. On Unpretty, Truedy appears biracial: she wears cornrows and has tanner skin. However, some netizens have questioned whether or not Truedy’s appearance is natural. Her high school graduation photo seems to imply that it is not.

(via Koreaboo)

Truedy raps a lot about her appearance and speaks emotionally about being accused of imitating Yoon Mi Rae. She also mentions “black people” in her raps. Her biracial status wasn’t overtly acknowledged until her diss battle with Gilme. Gilme rapped, “Black people? Take off that dark make-up.”

The appropriation of black culture is an important topic being discussed woldwide today, but that appropriation is also apparent in the less-pretty aspects of K-pop as well. When G-Dragon uses black children in his music video or any number of K-pop artists wear braids, they are adopting what they believe to be a “hip hop look” and, in turn, are reinforcing stereotypes in an effort to gain credibility for themselves.

Even EXO is guilty of this trend.

It appears that Truedy is trying a similar tactic — adopting stereotypical “black” appearance to gain more credibility as a rapper.


Truedy wears cornrows and dark make-up. She also wore this ensemble in one episode with a headband bearing the Pan-African colors of green, yellow, and red (with resemblance to the Ethiopian flag).

Truedy herself has not acknowledged whether or not she is biracial. Is it important to you as a viewer whether or not Truedy’s appearance is authentic?

You can see Truedy's performances to form an opinion below: