The holiday season can be stressful, even to a couple who married in a romantic storybook weddingVanness Wu rose to fame in Meteor Garden (Taiwan's Boys Over Flowers) and finally married his long-time girlfriend Arissa Cheo in November 2013. A few days ago, they had a pretty public spat over Instagram.

Watch Vanness Wu in Autumn's Concerto:

Social media seems to be an extension of private spats these days. In the past, the couple liked to post affectionate photos of themselves on Instagam. But, lately there appears to be trouble in paradise. According to Chinese media news, the recent incident started when Arissa started posting ambiguous messages since December. In one post, the 32-year-old Arissa wrote on her Instagram, "I'm going to give you the same amount of effort as you give me." She signed off with expletives. Some of her followers commented to her that she shouldn't use foul language and that it wouldn't look good for her husband.

Arissa then retorted: "What's real and what's not? What you see on the telly is definitely not real. Don't tell me what I know. And I swear if I want. Go away." It was perceived as an attack on Vanness.

Vanness pushed back the next day: “Watch your tongue.”

They quit following each other's Instagram as well as deleting both of their comments involved in this incident. Vanness was next seen traveling to Chengdu for work, wearing a serious expression and refusing comments.

Does this mean splitsville is the next stop? (That's a pun on Autumn's Concerto's Chinese title: Next Stop: Happiness.) Not necessarily, according to a close friend who told a reporter that Vanness and Arissa are both blunt in expressing how they feel. 

So, that's just the way they talk to each other? They've been together a long time and weathered some ups and downs before. I do hope for them to patch things up. Stay tuned...

~ NancyZdramaland