With so many men now applying beauty products to their faces, many Korean couples are now stepping out with identical makeup styles to go along with their equally identical, we're-so-in-love, matching outfits. And what's crazy is that this new phenomenon is actually more common than you might think.

We all know of Korea's standards when it comes to physical appearance, so it's not exactly surprising to hear of the newest beauty trend spreading amongst young Korean couples. What's been going on in Seoul and other cities recently, along with the huge increase in young men purchasing and using cosmetics, is something most people in America and other cultures would find strange — couples wearing matching makeup. They do this of course in the same vain that others wear matching outfits. It's all about playfully expressing their mad love for each other.

So since so many men already look after themselves by getting their hands on whatever beauty products they can, (and a lot these men have girlfriends who do the same thing), cosmetics companies decided to market products that couples could use together. How genius! Body Shop, which is owned by L’Oréal, created a no-filter cushion especially for a man and his woman. Natural cosmetics brand AprilSkin has special lip treatments. The list goes on and on.

It all just seems like a way to get people to buy more makeup and beauty products, but whatever makes people happy is fine by me. I'm just glad I'm not a young Korean dude looking for a girlfriend. Because putting on eyeliner, even on just one of my eyes, would probably take me about an hour.

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