An upcoming duet project with the two rappers could be the sign of a new duo from YG Entertainment.

Acute YG fans could have sensed something was up when Mino posted an Instagram with what appeared to be with fellow YG rapper Bobby in the studio together.

Two months later, projects were announced for each rapper. "Holup!" and "Body," to be released September 7th and 8th, respectively. Their promotional materials bore remarkable similarities:

Suspicions were confirmed when it was announced today that a duo single would follow their solos.

Mino and Bobby could make a powerful team. Their individual skills were strong enough that they were separated on the WIN: Who Is Next? program into Team A and Team B. Mino went on to debut first with Winner, but their promotions stalled after the release of EXIT : E in February while iKon (Team B) has been touring Southeast Asia and Japan this summer. Both YG artists have previously shown their rap skills on Show Me The Money, although they did not perform together.

Are you looking forward to a single from the rap duo? What do you think this means for the future of Winner and iKon? Could Mino and Bobby follow in the footsteps of GD and TOP?