Yoo Seung Ho is slaying as undercover royalty, but it's coming at a price.

The Ruler: Master of the Mask star is blessing our Wednesday and Thursdays with his unbelievable portrayal of Crown Prince Lee Seon. From sweet moments with Kim So Hyun to his action-packed fighting scenes, we love it all! However, his hard work ethic is taking a toll on his health. Media outlet Star News recently reported that the 23 year-old actor had not taken any days off since the series premiered on May 10. Due to his lack of rest, he lost 11 pounds during the filming process.

Fans became very alarmed at the news and worried for their oppa's well-being. Thankfully, the production staff assured everyone they are monitoring the hectic filming situation and doing their best to take care of Yoo Seung Ho. He enjoyed his first holiday in while on Friday, and he can look forward to more downtime soon.

A source from the production team had this to say about Yoo's current condition, “He needs to sleep more, but his filming schedule is so tight that he [couldn’t sleep enough and] lost weight. We are doing our best to film while making sure it doesn’t affect his health.”

Everyone is doing such a great job on Ruler: Master of the Mask, it would be a shame for them to suffer physically because of it. I hope the entire cast gets the rest they need to complete the series as healthy as they started.

What relaxation tips would you suggest for Yoo Seung Ho and the rest of the cast between scenes?

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