If your stuffed animal has been stressed, over-worked, or downright rude, it's time to give them a vacation. Luckily, there is a company in Japan that will do just that. Unagi Travel, the "Japan Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals," gives very affordable tours for your stuffed animals.

First, toy owners must pay to ship their stuffed animals to Japan, (the company will ship them back for free). Then, you can pick from various guided tours. Prices range from $35 to $55. Some of the options include a trip to the hot springs, a tour of Tokyo, or a "mystery tour." Some of the stops in the Tokyo tour are a visit to a Buddhist temple, a trip to the shopping district Shibuya, and views from the Tokyo Tower. If you spend $45, you can even get a postcard from your stuffed animal. Check out the pictures and video from Unagi and you'll see just how much fun these stuffed friends are having.

Ok these stuffed animals clearly have had one too many beers.

The good news is these stuffed animals are having a really good time, the bad news is they're driving.

Do not get in a bar fight with this stuffed animal.

Teddy meal time!

Pretty great vacation for this guy!

You might not be able to tell, but all these stuffed animals are doing yoga.

This teddy is a total hippie. Get a job man.

Come on, guys you know the rules, three to a bed, and no sheep.