Ah, the age old story. Girl pretends to be boy, girl pretending to be boy meets actual boy, girl pretending to be boy and actual boy become sworn blood brothers, drama (and hilarity) ensue. This classic gender bender storyline gets a fresh makeover (and modern pixie cut) in the new Taiwanese drama Bromance. Here are five reasons you'll fall in love with this Bromantic story. 

  1. The girl does really look like a boy!

This is no Sulli in To the Beautiful You sneaking into a boy’s school with nothing to prove she is a boy but a very feminine bowl cut, or Park Gyu Ri masquerading as a flower boy in a Nail Shop Paris in what is probably the most phoned-in attempt at passing for a boy in the K-drama universe (though I guess if you are part gumiho you can do whatever you want). But in Bromance, Megan Lai’s Pi Ya Nuo really looks the part, and her character has had twenty-five years to perfect playing a man, so she’d better be believable. Don’t get me wrong, though, Ya Nuo is still one beautiful man. And she can kick some major martial arts butt. No matter the gender, Ya Nuo should not be messed with.

2. The King of Dramas is a Baron

GAH! Can I start my life over and please, please, please end up with Baron Chen’s Du Zhi Feng? How I bias him, let me count the ways. His hair, his action scenes, his smile, his BODY. Who can blame Ya Nuo for getting into this mess? I would be a sworn blood brother to this guy in a moment (Do you hear that Baron Chen? Call me!). And did I mention his awesome hair? It should get its own screen credit.

3. The Chemistry

I'm no scientist, but even I can see that the sparks Megan Lai and Baron Chen give off whenever they are together is positively high voltage. I ship these two so bad. And don’t even think of sinking my ship by telling me they are dating other people because that will crush me way more than my losing Powerball ticket. Nobody is so good an actor that they can fake what these two have. 

 4. When you aren't shipping or biasing, you'll be LOLing

 Elleya Tao, who plays Du Zhi Feng’s sister Zi Han, is some pretty amazing comic relief, especially as she attempts to woo Ya Nuo, unaware she is a girl. And when Zi Han and her mother get together, their antics are positively cringe-worthy (in a good way). Ya Nuo's parents and business partner pile on the goofiness, and I have a feeling even more is in store as the drama progresses. For me, the best dramas balance romance, drama, and humor, and Bromance is brimming with all three.

5. The friendship and family

This is really a show about friendship, family, and love. Before Ya Nuo and Zhi Feng fall in love, they are sworn brothers, and their friendship and loyalty to each other then translate to the rest of the characters and their families. The choices the characters make with each other because of friendship are truly sweet to watch. Okay, and let's be honest. It is also a show about Baron Chen's amazing hair. 

So what are you waiting for? There isn't a new episode of Cheese in the Trap until Monday, so go on, get your Bromance on. Baron Chen's hair promises you won't be sorry.