Featuring 18 episodes of excitement with one bonus special, Bromance is a drama you shouldn't miss!And now it's the time to marathon the whole series. DramaFever now presents to you the DramaFever Staff Pick — Bromance

Bromance is not just a traditional love story. It includes all the possible romantic moments you can even think about. The chemistry between two leads is amazing, regardless of whether they're at the top of a hill or watching the fireworks together. The most intriguing part, however, is that the female lead disguises herself as a guy and their relationship becomes the best bromance ever in this drama.

Check out some of the classic moments, and you will fall in love with Megan Lai and Baron Chen again!

1. When they first got so close:

2. When he almost confessed:

3. When they had sexy necktie lessons:

4. Kissing!

5. Falling in love in the snow, just like Winter Sonata:

6. Love amidst fireworks:

7. An intimate motorcycle ride:

I can't reveal more about this drama, but you get the gist of how great it is. Now we also have a special coming after ep 18. For the next 24 hours, you can watch the first episode without ads, so don't miss this opportunity to watch this popular drama!