B.A.P’s maknae (youngest) Zelo is 17 years old today! Can you believe he was born in 1996?! Zelo is just exploding with talent like rapping, dancing, and being an ace at having a major growth spurt. Zelo is so tall at around 184cm, which is pretty close to 6’1, that you tend to forget he’s so young! He also possesses the hair of a baby lamb which gets dyed a rainbow assortment of colors and never fails to look “cool.” So in order to celebrate, let’s take a scroll through some of the photos showcasing his fluffy lamb locks.

11. I've always loved the pink cotton candy and blond look ever since Gwen Stefani of No Doubt rocked out with it years ago.

10. Zelo with his "ramen noodle curls" for the Hurricane MV

9. It's like a baby lamb trotted down a rainbow that led into Zelo's bedroom window in the middle of the night and was like "Zelo, I make thee one of us."

8. I love this blue! This is one of those colors that look really nice if you blend it with very dark hair.

7. Ugh, I could not take this mv or hair color. He looked so crazy with bright yellow hair and that dark eyeliner. But this photo is cute!

6. Precious in pink!

5. His curls are just so lovely. He has golden locks just like a fairy tale character.

4. Cupping your chin between two fingers is serious business. It tells the world you believe you're cute and handsome. Zelo gives good aegyo!

3. So much eyeliner makes me laugh.

2. See his hair is in a mushroom. Did you know most of the "cool" hairstyles begin with having the basic mushroom haircut? It's true!

1. Flat Ironed and fabulous!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE