[caption id="attachment_16634" align="alignleft" width="392" caption="The cast of My Sister"][/caption] Almost any television show known to man includes some aspect or another of home life. Be it an overbearing mother ala Everybody Loves Raymond, or a quirky brother as found in Friends, one of the great things about prime-time television is that shows let us laugh at otherwise highly annoying personalities found in the people we love the most. Korean dramas are no exception to this, yet as Korea is a more family oriented society, the quirks and kinks of family life get the treatment much more often, in much more detail, and quite possibly, in a much more entertaining way!  From bad seed sibling rivalries to way too perfect parents, K-dramas give viewers a runs the whole gamut when it comes to what kind of dysfunctional family drama you want, or don't want, to watch! Keep reading, and you'll see what I mean. Assorted Gems: Brothers and sisters tend to get along as well as cats and dogs, but once they've settled their differences there's no stopping them! Such is the case for this great family drama! Based around a lively bunch of siblings all named after precious stones, if you're from a large family, it will remind you of your own and on the flip side, if you're from a small family you'll definitely end up envying their bond. It's a  great family oriented romantic comedy with a dash of drama for good measure! Watch Assorted Gems here on DramaFever! Cain and Abel: Most everyone has heard the famous Biblical story of brothers Cain and Abel. Well, the story still stands in modern times. Sibling rivalry in the most intensely dangerous form, this medical drama follows two ambitious brothers and their deadly competition with each other.  Starring two of Korea's most popular and revered actors, So Ji Sub and Shin Hyun Joon, you'll be left speechless at the twist and turns in this tale of brotherly hate. Watch here! East of Eden: An epic tale of two families locked together by a twist of fate, the meanings of love and family are tested when their realities are shaken to the core. How deep can one family's love be when their existence is sustained on hatred? Can a family based on corruption and lies survive the ultimate karmic retribution? Is blood really thicker than water? This fascinating story has everything you want in a Korean drama: scheming, love triangles, revenge, stolen innocence, sacrifice and redemption. Get hooked. Ireland: Ever feel like you don't fit in, like you might be adopted, and your real family is out there somewhere? Well in this drama, it's a little more obvious as Lee Joong Ah (played by Lee Na Young) is adopted into an Irish family. However, her situation turns quickly into tragedy and she sets out to find her real family. A melodramatic story that's bound to bring the tears, Ireland shows us that no matter what, family ties are always important. Ireland on DramaFever. These are just a few of the family style dramas offered in HD on DramaFever! For more, check out these titles below:

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