This week, our news feed has been buzzing with all things Gong Yoo! First, there was the story on how his rising fame was spurring fake social media accounts to pop up in his name, then we wrote about how he enjoys his single status so he can focus on doing quality work, and today we are here to talk about how being at the top of your game can get rather lonely. Read what the actor said.....

When asked if his single status can get daunting at times, the actor candidly confessed, saying, "Although we’re always standing in front of the public and receiving their love, being an actor seems to be a lonely job. I’m getting through it wisely.” He further added,“I’m usually tough on myself, but sometimes I’ll say to myself, ‘You’ve done a good job getting through it all.'”

Isn't that kind of sad and adorable at the same time? Being famous seems like fun on the outside, but we bet it's a struggle for actors who constantly have to sift reality from "reel" life. The Coffee Prince actor has been having a busy year so far. First, his film Train to Busan opened to rave reviews, and currently he is busy promoting The Age of Shadows, which has been nominated for an Academy Award. 

The actor also has Goblin, a  sci-fi thriller drama, lined up for later this year. He said, "I’ve been lucky this year. Although it’s been tiring, the reason I’m happy is that everything was 100 percent my choice. All three films were ones that I jumped at first because I wanted to do them.” He further added, “I’m worried about a lot of things lately. But since it’s the first romantic-comedy I’ve done in a while, I want to do a good job. I want to show everyone something a little different.”

We can't wait for Goblin to release. In the meantime, watch this space for more Gong Yoo updates! 


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