To the outside world, North Korea officially recognizes its citizens' freedom of speech and fundamental rights. But as with all things in the reclusive nation, official statements have nothing to do with reality, as proven by the regime's recent announcement that all sarcasm in conversation, especially directed at the government, will now come with dire consequences.

That's right — you pretty much can no longer make jokes in North Korea, even amongst your friends, if you don't want to get reported to the authorities. According to Radio Free Asia, even indirect criticism of Kim Jong Un and the government through sarcastic comments will no longer be forgiven. Apparently, Kim Jong Un, who's always been paranoid of dissent, now has fears that those who agree with him only do so ironically. That, along with the spike in recent months of displays of public discontent towards the authoritarian leader, has led to special meetings by officials to discuss hostile actions by North Korean citizens, and how to stop them before things get out of hand.

And as Kim Jong Un would have it, North Koreans are now forced to basically keep their mouths shut, even if the things they want to say are meant to be lighthearted jokes. For example, saying, "This is all America's fault," regarding current situations, is considered to be an ironic jab at the government, and the specific statement itself is now banned. Any statement that directly or indirectly mocks the party is now illegal, and as always, the authorities will play the judge and jury. For all the funny and sarcastic North Koreans who like telling jokes to make it through the harsh realities of daily life, life just got a whole lot harsher. 

"That's the guy that said a sarcastic joke!"


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