This goes out to all cat owners out there. Next time you fall asleep next to your cuddly kitty, just keep in mind one thing. According to researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, your pet cat may actually be plotting to kill you. But there's just one thing stopping them from carrying out your murder.

Cats are cute and cuddly, but don't let that fool you! Belonging to the Felidae family, domestic cats are basically just smaller versions of their much larger kin. Lions, tigers, leopards and the like are all a part of this very large clan made up of 36 different species. They are all programmed to hunt, by stalking, chasing, and jumping on their prey at any given opportunity. Solitary nighttime hunts are the best, which explains why your cat loves sneaking out in the middle of the night and disappearing for hours. Yes, cat owners, you are living with a natural-born predator! Your pet's relatives, such as lions and tigers, roar but they can't purr. Smaller relatives like pumas and cheetahs purr, but they can't roar. So aside from those kind of minor differences, all cats are pretty similar. Tigers and domesticated cats, for example, share 95.6% of their DNA, which brings us to the topic at hand — a recent study conducted by researchers in Scotland.

Besides their physical and general behavioral similarities, scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that all cats share the characteristics of dominance, impulsiveness, and neuroticism. The aggression and neurotic tendencies of lions and tigers are very much a part of your cute little kitty. But fortunately for you, the one saving grace is your size. Because you are so much bigger than your cat, an attempt to kill you would be futile, even if their natural instinct is to hunt you down. So next time you notice your cat staring at you, just think about how he or she may be figuring out how and when to put you out of your misery. 


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