Popular Korean musicians IU (22) and Jang Ki Ha (33), leader of rock band Kiha & The Faces, confirmed that they are dating. IU and Jang Ki Ha wrote on their official fan sites to confirm the breaking news and add new details about the relationship.

Jang Ki Ha and IU have been dating for two years and first met on October 2013 when IU appeared on Jang Ki Ha's Great Radio show as a guest, according to Jang Ki Ha's and IU's letters to fans. 

"We met through radio and I was in love with him at first sight," IU wrote to her fans, “We are dating just like any other couple, loving, fighting, getting disappointed and feeling thankful.”

IU shared with fans her reaction to the breaking news: “(Jang Ki Ha and I) have held drills on it thousands of times, but it still leaves me dumbfounded. The best I can do is to work hard on my tasks at hand,” IU said.

Jang Ki Ha said IU is a special person for him in his letter to fans. “She’s a warmhearted friend I can lean onto when feeling down,” Jang Ki Ha said. “I learn a lot from IU in music and life.”

For two years, IU and Jang Ki Ha have avoided the scrutiny of reporters and fans by choosing to date in the privacy of each other’s house, until Dispatch published photos of IU visiting Jang Ki Ha’s house in Mapo, Seoul, and Jang Ki Ha visiting IU’s house in Yong-san, Seoul.

IU and Jang Ki Ha debuted in 2008 and havesince been actively producing music in their respective fields. IU starred on the KBS series Producer with Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin this summer.

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Pictures courtesy of IU and Jang Ki Ha's Twitter profiles, Jang Ki Ha's Great Radio.