IU and Lee Jong Suk

According to Lee Jong Suk, IU annoyed him, but it wasn't personal. Lee Jong Suk explained on a recent episode of Incarnation, that there were a lot of rumors about the two of them not getting along when they hosted Inkigayo together. That wasn't the case at all; they just never really spoke to each other on a personal level. However LJS was annoyed with IU and all her costume ideas. According to him, she kept pitching really embarrassing costume ideas -- one idea was for a Peter Pan costume. Now IU is super cute and super tiny so if she wants to stand in front of a live audience and TV audience in a tinker bell costume that's great, it works for her. However Lee Jong Suk, a grown man standing in front of everyone with a lame Peter Pan hat with huge feather sticking out of it? I can clearly see why he would be annoyed and embarrassed! Lee Jong Suk and IU I feel your pain Lee Jong Suk, and I'm sure everyone else does too, because that really is embarrassing! Way to go IU (-_-) KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE