IU will represent South Korea's poplar alcoholic drink!

The nation's little sister is all grown up and ready to promote a liquor brand nationwide. The company behind the soju Chamisul brand, HITE-Jinro, announced that the Dream High actress is their new advertising model. 

Her official activities for the company begins on November 25, while a television commercial starts airing next month. 

“IU, who is beloved for her pure voice, was selected as our model. She has an image that fits well with the clean and fresh image of Chamisul. It is also loved by the public." a HITE-Jinro rep stated. 

They continued, " IU's broad vocal talent across genres is earning love from not only young adults, but middle-age to the elderly as well. The nation’s singer image of IU and the nation’s soju image of Chamisul are a good match.”

In addition to her busy schedule as a recording artist, IU was able to act in the drama Pretty Man earlier this year.

What do you think about IU promoting soju? 

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