IU is encouraging everyone to get active this season.

The My Mister star returned to her bright and cheerful image as she modeled the sporty spring 2018 line from New Balance. The neon-colored casual outfits resemble the familiar styles one could wear everyday. All Day ACTIVE was the name of the spring photo shoot. Aren't you inspired to mix and match these cute and athletic looks?

You have to admit the outfits are darling. This upbeat shoot is a necessary break from the idol's current role as moody character Lee Ji An in My Mister. Her depressed yet sinister state is so astounding we don't know if Ji An will turn out to be the hero or villain as the series progresses. One thing is for sure, she'll definitely have us on the edge of our seats until the very end.
Do you prefer IU in happy or darker roles? Also, which New Balance outfit is your favorite?

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