With IU's cheerful and innocent persona, she has long been the sweetheart of Korea, but with her new role as a jaded pop star in Producer, now's her chance to show a whole new side. If you doubted that IU was capable of playing the mean girl, these stills will change your mind.

In Producer, IU plays Cindy, a famous K-pop star who debuted at 13 years old. Now, after 10 years in the entertainment industry, Cindy has become emotionally stunted and untrusting of other people. In these new stills, IU seems to have the hardened, cold look of a haughty woman who has shut herself off from the world down perfectly.

The drama's staff members have commented that IU is very bright and engaging on set, but as soon as the cameras start rolling, she immediately transforms into Cindy. One staff member said, “IU seems to get in character rather quickly because Cindy is also a singer. The staff on set were surprised when they saw her suddenly change from her lovely self to charismatic Cindy. Please give lots of love towards IU’s character, Cindy, and the drama Producer.”

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