IU wants to connect with her fans in person. The Pretty Man actress plans to start performing songs from her seventh K-Pop mini-album Chat-Shire in concert on November 21. This show will kick off her concert tour for the project she worked so hard to write, compose, and produce. It has been almost a year and half since her "Flower Bookmark" comeback, but this time she is not interested in routine television promotions.

“IU will be focusing more on offline performances for her new album," her representatve told the media. "From producing the album to promoting it, IU wanted to make the experience better by giving her fans more personal performances. She does not want to focus on being on TV.”

In light of her relationship news with Chang Ki Ha, I think IU wants to meet with her fans face to face to prove she hasn't forgotten about them. Her love and devotion to her supporters is very apparent by the simple fact that she desires to spend time with them personally rather than greet them once again through a television screen.

Check out her recent video teasers for "The Shower" and "Shoes" from her mini album that drops in stores on October 23.

I want to hear your thoughts on her decision. Why do you think she is foregoing TV music promotions? 

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