Miss Lee wants artists to get credit for their work! Designer and illustrator Jessica H. Lee recently wrote a blog post about her work being used for an idol's album without her permission. In her post, Lee decided to compare her previous pieces to IU's "Chat-Shire" album cover art after receiving "surprise emails and calls... saying that popular K-Pop star IU’s album cover artwork looks very similar" to her work.

To her dismay, she claims that the Producer actress' agency used her color and style to recreate the "Twenty-Three" singer's latest project. She did side by side comparisons to prove her point. Lee even contacted the illustrator for further clarification.

"When I did more research, I found out that the illustrator who created the album artwork was somebody who had gotten in touch with me about my artwork for a different project a few years back," she wrote. 

"I contacted the illustrator regarding this and she acknowledged that she took inspiration from my work for the 'overall tone and manner' of the illustration. However, when I showed this to other illustrators, they thought the similarities are too close to just be a 'tone' or 'manner.'”

Lee also explained that she hopes her post raises awareness for other artists who are inspirations for big companies. She wants them to properly acknowledge the artists and give credit where credit is due. 

What do you think about Jessica H. Lee's fight for artists' rights? 

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