IU has been twinning all these years!

The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actress apparently has an online twin she knew nothing about. Netizens recently found photographer Kim Chung A's instagram and marveled at how much she resembled the popular idol. Kim isn't related to IU, but her lovely features mirror the 23 year-old star, as well as, her current hairstyle and fashion sense.

Do you think IU's new trending twin should make a cameo in one of her upcoming TV dramas? Stars are always playing dual roles, however, Kim Chung A can make things much easier for IU by popping in and playing her lookalike. Imagine how much fun that would be!

On Friday, IU returns to the K-Pop scene with her new studio album Palette. She plans to break her four year hiatus from music shows by actively promoting this project. Check out some of her recent teasers for the singles "Palette" and "Dear Name". 

Is the doppelganger news making you even more excited for her K-Pop comeback?

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