On March 21, IU will star in another K-drama that is sure to warm our hearts. With her role in My Mister comes a new leading man. Actor Lee Sun Kyun joins the list of distinguished gentlemen who had the pleasure of working alongside Korea's little sister. Many of her co-stars shower her with praise, and now it's time to see what her on-screen exes had to say about their fictitious romances with IU.

1. Lee Joon Ki - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Lee and IU's acting was so believable that dating rumors followed them after the historical series ended in 2016. Lee quickly shut those rumors down, but admitted he was impressed with his idol co-star. He gushed about her at the drama's press conference. "From the start of filming, I began to have a lot more trust in IU. IU's able to make the role her own. Working on the 2nd-3rd episodes, it made me think that I was able to lean on her as an actress, and it was another chance for me to focus on my character. I'm thankful she did so well."

2. Kang Ha Neul - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

He was elated to work with such a nice co-worker. When a Chinese news outlet asked Kang if was attracted to IU, he admitted that he was grateful to her. "She's too pretty and lovable. Instead of being attracted [to her], I'm very grateful to IU. In order to let me perform my part well, she helped me alot and helped me create better chemistry. [She's]...a friend I'm grateful to have."

3. Jang Geun Suk - Pretty Man

Jang was a big IU fan before they started filming, so he was overjoyed to work with her. In an exclusive interview, he revealed his fanboy moment. "When I met IU for the first time at the poster shoot and she hugged me as Kim Bo Tong, I screamed loud enough so the whole set could hear. Wow! IU hugged me! ...The amazing thing is that if I look at IU, I am drawn to her charms. She looks like she was even born [to act] or practiced till death."

4. Jo Jung Suk - You're The Best Lee Soon Shin

Jo was already a fan of IU's both on and off screen. He was amazed at how talented she truly is. During an interview for his film The Face Reader, he shared an honest opinion of his former co-star. "It surprises me whenever I see IU. I become more curious about her every time I see her. There's nothing she can't do, whether it's acting or singing or hosting. I think she does it all well. She can cheer up everyone around her. She got a lot of love from the older actors on set as well because she's very mature for her age."

5. 2PM's Wooyoung - Dream High

He asked IU's former duet partner Im Seulong to text him for her, because he had a hard time getting close to his partner on set. However, she didn't have much interest in getting to know Wooyoung until filming was over. In an effort to get closer to her, Wooyoung invited her and the staff out to dinner and covered the bill (with his agency). They began joking with each other via text about the bill payment and it seemed to break the ice between them. "Through that, we became a lot closer and we were able to conclude the drama on a friendly note," he said on SBS' Night by Night.

Which one of IU's on-screen exes was your favorite?


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