Today, two new heartwarming love stories came to light, one from anchor Ko Min Jung, the other from IVY. First, Ko Min Jung confessed that her husband has been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis -- a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the backbone as well as other joints. Before starting the story, she first apologized to her parents, who didn't yet know about her husband’s disease. She then explained, “When I was in college, after dating my husband for 3 years, I learned about his disease … Each time I visited him, his symptoms were gradually worsening, and I was living in tears.” Even though she knew of his disease, because of her love and respect for him, she decided to marry him.

Next, IVY confessed about a tough experience she had, saying, “I didn’t have any income for seven months, but I never changed my wasteful habits. I once had only 600 won (about 60 cents) in my bank account.” Fortunately, there was a silver lining. IVY turned her hardship into a meaningful experience: “I learned how to save up money and became positive, which enabled me to live through my hard times.”