J-rock artist Gackt, who tantalized us back in October with his full-body bed pillow, complete with zippered jacket cover, has invited his fans to take him to bed yet again. 

Gackt is getting ready to release his 46th as-yet unnamed single, and if you pre-order the song, you can purchase your very own set of Gackt sheets.

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They come with Gackt dressed in black, white, and a special third option.  He takes up one side of the bed, so you can snuggle in on the other side and wake up to this heartthrob staring back at you.  If you missed out on being able to order his sexy body pillow, then you have another chance to get Gackt into bed with you.  

Preorders are being taken until March 18, so you'd better move quickly if you want your own set of sheets.  They will be shipped when the single is released in July.

You have to hand it to him; there is a reason this guy has been in the music business as long as he has. Besides the great music, he knows how to keep a lady interested.