The cast of Brother (aka Hyung) recently sat down for an interview with MBC's Section TV, and stars D.O. and Jo Jung Suk admitted a surprising fact about themselves. Their newest movie introduced them to a whole new way of communication!

The Jealousy Incarnate actor confessed that cursing wasn't his thing prior to filming, but he quickly got into character for the production. "The character curses a lot, but I'm not very good at cursing. But all of a sudden, I got really good at it. It's all the results of practice."

His quick learning helped the EXO member get comfortable with his role as well. "I got lessons from Jo Jung Suk on cursing. I learned pronunciation and attitude, and all of a sudden I got really good too," the Pure Love star explained.

They really went all out for their characters! That is some dedication. Brother is about two brothers, an ex-con and a judo athlete, reuniting after 15 years of separation, Their personalities clash as they try to live together. South Korea's sweetheart Park Shin Hye also stars as D.O.'s judo coach.

This Wednesday, South Korea will have the opportunity to witness the rough language firsthand when Brother opens in theaters. Are you interested in seeing the two actors take on roles so vastly different from themselves? 

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Source: Via/Image Credit: Star Daily News 


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