Jackie Chan has faced harsh criticism in the past several weeks since it was discovered that in his will, he plans to leave nothing to his illegitimate child, Etta. Half of his assets will go to his wife, Joan Lin, and the other half to various charities. In fact, Chan plans to leave nothing to his son Jaycee either, saying he feels Jaycee is old enough to make his own money. At a press conference in Kuala Lampur, Chan said: "If I had to decide who gets what in every aspect that stretches all the way down to grandchildren or great-grandchildren, when will it end? The best way to do this is just to give half of my assets to my wife, and the other half back to society. Simple, without any headache." In terms of his illegitimate daughter Etta, he defended himself by saying that the will was drawn up 15 years ago, long before her birth. On the one hand, his reasoning seems fair and philanthropic, so why must he get criticized for his decisions regarding his life's earnings? On the other hand, many people choose to take care of their children when they pass on. What do you think? Is Jackie Chan doing the right thing, or is he leaving his kids out in the cold? (Source: my.entertainment.yahoo.com)