Jackie Chan never got to see his son when Jaycee was imprisoned in China for six months. He was also not present at Jaycee's release in February. Here are the first photos from the father-and-son reunion when they finally saw each other again during Lunar New Year celebration. Guess what Jackie did to Jaycee?

After Jaycee was released on Feb. 13, he held a press conference the next day to issue an open apology, then flew back to Taiwan to meet his mother. When Jaycee and his mother saw each other, the two of them embraced in tears. Jackie wasn't there because he was still busy with his new film, Dragon Blade, which was being premiered in China on Feb. 19, the start of the Lunar New Year.

When Jackie finally saw Jaycee, it was the first time their family of three got together ever since August last year.

Jaycee posted these photos on Feb. 24, and wrote "Start from the heart." The word "heart" is a homophone for "new" in Chinese. So he's saying that he's starting anew wholeheartedly. Jackie gave Jaycee a haircut in a gesture of "out with the old to welcome the new" to symbolize a new start for Jaycee.

Although marijuana is starting to be legalized in the United States, it'll be a long time before it is decriminalized in China and Taiwan. Entertainers and celebrities are also regarded as role models, and their violations with illegal substances could damage their careers permanently. Jackie Chan has said that he hopes Jaycee has learned a lesson, and that he'd be willing to help his son to make a fresh start. He and his wife will always have Jaycee's back, but he wants Jaycee to face his own future without living under his famous father's shadow.

~ NancyZdramaland

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