International star Jackie Chan has just received his first Oscar for lifetime achievement, becoming the first Chinese actor to receive the honorary award. His wife told him not to mention her name, did he? Find out what the jubilant martial artist and actor said when he accepted his Oscar.

On November 12, Jackie Chan attended the Academy's 8th Annual Governors Awards, held at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center. Jackie and fellow honorees, film editor Anne V. Coates, casting director Lynn Stalmaster, and documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, are praised by the Board as "true pioneers and legends in their crafts" to win the honorary award.

Tom Hanks, Michelle Yeoh, and Chris Tucker presented the award to Jackie. Tom Hanks called Jackie "Chan-Tastic," because "he has worked mostly in martial arts films and action comedies, two genres that have been, for some reason, shall we say, historically underrepresented at the Oscars, a fact that will change if I have any pull on the board of Governors." The famous actor and Oscar winner also compared Jackie Chan to John Wayne and Buster Keaton, and added, "But Jackie does something that neither one of those great screen legends was ever able to do,” he said. “Neither one of those great artists ever, ever put the bloopers on during the closing credits.”

That is so true! Jackie Chan established his unique brand of martial arts movies fused with action comedy, bringing laughter and joy to millions of viewers and admirers.

Dressed in a formal Chinese-style outfit, Jackie Chan accepted the award and said,

“After 56 years in the film industry, making over 200 films, I’ve broken so many bones, finally this is mine. I want to thank you, Hong Kong, such an incredible city, my hometown, my hood, who make me. China, my country, I am proud to be Chinese. Thank you, Hollywood, for all of those years teaching me so many things, and also make me a little bit famous. I’m just honored to be here.”

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He confessed that he had wanted an Oscar of his own ever since he first saw it at the home of American star Sylvester Stallone, who wrote and directed Best Picture winner Rocky.

Jackie thanked his wife as well as all the people who had helped him to succeed. He would later tell a reporter that his wife, retired actress Lin Feng-Jiao, was happy for him but forbade him to mention her name. But Jackie sneaked in her English name, Joan. 

The exulted award recipient also admitted he did not prepare a speech. He said his mind went blank toward the end of his acceptance speech because he was so excited.

Where will Jackie put his little gold man?

He replied that he was still thinking about it. Maybe he'd rotate it among several locations including his home, office, and the museum.

He then rushed off to catch his private plane back to China to continue filming his new film, Machine Blood, a sci-fi fantasy action drama.

At 62 years of age, there is no stopping Jackie Chan!

Congratulations, Jackie!


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