Famous Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan recently announced that he was going to create a K-pop group, and his boy band JJCC, or Double JC, has now been revealed. On March 12th, JJCC’s agency, The Jackie Chan Group Korea, revealed profile pictures of the previously veiled five members, who are called ‘Jackie Chan’s Kids.’ JJCC is drawing attention because Chan was reportedly actively involved in setting up and shaping the group, as well as training them and producing their debut album.

JJCC consists of four Korean members, SimBa, E.co, Eddy and San Cheong, and one Chinese-Australian member, Prince Mak, all of whom are in their early 20s and very attractive.

SimBa, the leader of the group has a manly beauty.

E.co, who boasts of his 6.1 foot tall stature, has mysterious charm.

These two members are in charge of rapping. Because of their superior body proportions, they were previously active as models at home and abroad.

Eddy, the main vocal of the group, once participated in Master Chef Korea. He is an all-around entertainer who has also mastered Jackie Chan’s stunt training course.

San Cheong, the youngest member of JJCC, has a rebel-like charm.

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Prince Mak won a famous Chinese survivor audition program. Through the show, he attracted the attention of Chan, and joined the group last.

JJCC’s agency official said, “All five members have the ability to rap, sing, and write songs. They also have outstanding dancing ability in the style of pop, jazz and ballet for various performances. They basically speak three languages, Korean, English and Chinese. The five members, who each have their own individuality, can amplify the synergy.”

The group is scheduled to make its official debut sometime in March.