Famous martial-artist and actor Jackie Chan's son Jaycee was arrested in Beijing in August for marijuana-use violations. Despite Jackie Chan's eminent stature in China, he and his wife, former Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-Jiao, have not been allowed to visit Jaycee at all, even on his birthday. 

Jaycee recently turned 32 on December 3 at the detention center where he's been since his arrest in August. His mother sent words through the lawyer to express love and support for him from his parents, but also asked him to deeply reflect and improve. The lawyer revealed that Jaycee has been reading a lot. He's checked out over 100 books from the library and has immersed himself in script writing and songwriting. His mother said she felt Jaycee's temperament has changed for the better.

Jackie Chan and his wife were shocked by Jaycee's arrest. Initially when they couldn't contact him, they actually thought he was kidnapped. After the arrest, the authorities disclosed the illegal items they found at Jaycee's residence, and his offense could carry a 3-year prison sentence under Chinese law. The situation is especially poignant to Jackie Chan as he was named an anti-drug ambassador in 2009. He openly apologized for his son's misdeeds. 

According to China's judicial process, Jayce will have to go through trial, conviction and sentencing, before he can see his parents. So it may be a while before Jackie Chan and his wife can see their only child again.

Jaycee's friend, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, was also arrested at the same time in August. However, Kai's offense was considered minor for being only a "user". He issued a tearful apology when he was released after a short stay. He then returned to Taiwan where he issued another public apology. His acting career has screeched to a stop for now. It's possible that he may never be able to, or for a very long time, to act again in any production that will be shown in mainland China. It's a dire consequence to what once was considered a limitless future of a rising young star.

(Cover photo: One House - Jackie Chan and family celebrating Lin's 60th birthday in 2012)