kneedropguru_jackiechan Chinese martial arts actor Jackie Chan reveals that he is excited about his possible appearance on MBC's talk show Golden Fishery. Representative of Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan's most recent movie, said that Jackie Chan has a good feeling about appearing on the show. They said, "We are aware that there are talks of Jackie Chan appearing on the show but nothing has been confirmed yet. But it is true that we are reviewing it." In addition, they commented, "There's no confirmation on Jackie Chan's schedule yet. It's always changing. For example, just few days ago, we had to change the time of his flight. That's how subject to change his schedule is. I think he will be appearing on the show sometime next week." Meanwhile, Jackie Chan directed, produced, and starred in the movie Chinese Zodiac, and will be visiting Korea on the 18th and 19th for a press conference, a red carpet event, and interviews. Have you seen jackie Chan's latest? What did you think? (Source: