Jackie Chan's trip to Korea to promote his latest movie Chinese Zodiac has been quite eventful—not only has he stopped by the Running Man set to chill with Siwon, the international star is working to invest in the K-Pop takeover as well. Jackie Chan's Korean management label has revealed that a K-pop group named Double JC is being prepared to debut in the summer. The debut album will be produced by old school hip hop artist Hyun Jin Young, trained by Lee Soo Man, who was the first artist of SM Entertainment. While there is absolutely NO information on the group yet, Jackie Chan visited the group while he was in Korea. All that has been revealed is that the group is made up of eight trainees and Hyun Jin Young shared that the all Korean group will release a Korean and Chinese song to target both China and Korea. Are you as excited to hear more about this new group as we are? (Source: www.onekpop.com)