World famous martial artist and actor Jackie Chan has lived an extraordinary life. The #4 most admired man in the world is releasing an autobiography titled Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older on the occasion of his 61st birthday in April this year. One of the biggest revelations is that he almost divorced his wife Lin Feng-Jiao in 1999 when his girlfriend Elaine Ng got pregnant.

Jackie Chan co-wrote the book with his friend, Zhu Mo, who he thanked for helping him write the book when he didn't think he could write a book because he was brought up with a background in martial arts. While not hiding his regrets and mistakes, he said through his Weibo post, “I was often misunderstood and there are some things that happened in the past that I would rather explain myself. I’m done with letting someone else say things about me. I hope that through this book, people will see the real me.”

(Jackie Chan with wife Lin Feng-Jiao)

Jackie actually had numerous affairs during his marriage. His wife Lin Feng-Jiao always looked the other way. She married for love in a secret marriage held in Los Angeles in 1982, and they had one son, Jaycee. While Jackie traveled around to make movies, Lin stayed at home in Taiwan raising their only child. She was a popular and award-winning Taiwanese actress who gave up her flourishing career to become a supportive wife. Jackie admitted that he sometimes only spent two weeks a year with his wife and son.

(Jackie Chan with Elaine Ng)

When the affair with Hong Kong beauty queen and actress Elaine Ng and her pregnancy made explosive headlines, Jackie knew this time he made a serious error that Lin could not ignore. He wrote, "I wanted to call her but didn't know what to say. I couldn't explain away such a mistake. Saying sorry wasn't enough. Later I thought, there's no need to explain, just get a divorce. I made such a big mistake. There is going to be a divorce."

Eventually he openly admitted and apologized for his error at a press conference, that he made "an error that every man in the world could make." Although many people criticized him for lumping all men into the same category, his wife chose to forgive him. They did not divorce. The 60-year old martial arts star now appears happy in his family life, while still staying very busy with his filming career.

Jackie to this day has not officially acknowledged his daughter, Etta Ng, who Elaine Ng gave birth to in 1999 and is raising on her own. In Chinese entertainment news, Etta is often nicknamed "Little Dragon Girl" because her father's acting name in Chinese is Chen Lon for "Becoming Dragon."

The book took three years to write. Jackie Chan also mentioned his son Jaycee, his parents, and his 54 years of acting, from which he learned many lessons in life. He wrote a special passage to his son, Jaycee, who was arrested and convicted of marijuana violations in China and was just released this February, “I have made mistakes when I was younger. I would make the mistake and change for the better. In the end, I will become a real man, strong and independent, who will face everything he’s supposed to face.” 

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