JJCC, or Double JC has been sparking the interest of music fans all over the world. They have recently debuted live on both M! Countdown and Inkigayo, and their debut music video was just released.

Here is the MV for the song "첨엔 다 그래(At First)."

There are 5 members that make up JJCC. Simba, Eddy, Prince Mak, E.Co, and San Cheong. Prince Mak is not featured in the music video, but he is still an important part of the group. It has been reported that San Cheong may have been injured or sick causing him to be unable to film for the video. The MV is beautifully shot which helps showcase both the dancing and vocal skills of the members. While "At First" is a slower song it manages to never be boring. You are sure to be humming the melody all day after listening! All of the cool special effects will also keep your eyes glued to the screen. And of course, so will the pretty boys dancing and singing.

Also, below are both of their first live performances of the song "At First" this past week.

It is clear that JJCC is a wonderfully talented group that is surely going to take the world by storm. And with Jackie Chan behind them, they are even more awesome! So keep an eye out for them as they just get better and better!