The first words Jaycee Chan said were, "I'm sorry. I was wrong." After bowing deeply, he sat down to face the throng of reporters at the televised press conference held on February 14 in Beijing, China. He was just released the day before, having completed his 6-month jail sentence for his marijuana-related violations.

Jaycee then said the following, while looking straight into the flashing cameras and speaking in a quiet voice:

"Greetings everyone. I am Fang Zu Ming (his Chinese name). As a public figure, this incident has had a negative impact on society, disappointed many people who supported me, and caused everyone who worked with me to suffer losses. I have no justification and no excuses. I was wrong! After this experience, I have modified my views toward life and values. I previously did not treasure everything in my life. At the trial, I said the punishment from the law did not mean I'd be forgiven by the society because trust can only be accumulated bit by bit with time. After this lesson, I now clearly understand what I will do, and absolutely won't do, in the next phase of my life. I will strive to work hard, through my action and attitude, to accumulate again (the trust) bit by bit. I will still remember the old me because it is part of my life and in particular the mistakes I made because I'll remember not to make these mistakes again. For now my immediate action is to apologize to the public for my mistakes. I am truly sorry. I will be a law-abiding person going forward. Finally, I will cherish my parents, appreciate and repay their raising and supporting me. Also, I am really sorry to all my teachers over the years. I won't disappoint them again."

He then answered questions from the reporters in a very humble manner. We are listing a few selected questions and answers here.

Q: Are you ready to face your parents?

A: My parents have given me a lot of encouragement and positive thoughts ever since I was taken to the detention center. I have not been filial. I've made them suffer. I blame myself, and I want to apologize fully to them and spend the Lunar New Year with them.

Q: You used to present a cheerful and positive image. After this incident, how do you think your image has been impacted, and what is your advice to young people?

A:  I did wrong and should bear the consequences. I feel ashamed that I was not a good role model for the young people. I will correct my ways from now on and obey the laws. I hope to start again. My opportunity was given by the public and the media. I don't know if I'll get a second chance. If I do, I will definitely value the new opportunity and do well.

Q: What was the living condition inside the detention center?

A: The treatment I received was the same as all other detainees. I did not get any special treatment. Everything was following the rules. My father did not use any connections to reduce my sentence. He said I did wrong and should be punished. 

Q. Can you talk about your experience with illegal substances? (The Chinese term is actually "toxic substances," which includes marijuana.)

A: The first time I used marijuana was 8 years ago in the Netherlands. I then started using it in the last two years.

Q: Tai Ko (Taiwanese actor who was arrested along with Jaycee) cried terribly at his press conference. Did you think about which questions may lead you to cry today? Were you afraid that you'd cry? (Jaycee did not appear to shed any tears throughout the press conference.)

A: I hope to face the mistakes I made. I don't really know about anything else. I promise that I will not make the same mistakes. I haven't contacted Tai Ko.

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The reporters also asked about his parents. Jaycee said his mother is afraid of facing the media, so he didn't want her to come. His father, Jackie Chan, is currently busy with promoting his new movie Dragon Blade. During his 6 months of detention, by law his parents were not allowed to visit him, but he knew his parents love and support him. While he was detained, he heard that his father issued an apology for him, and he felt awful. He is an adult and should face his own mistakes himself. This is why as soon as he's released, he is holding this press conference immediately to issue his apology. 

At the end of the press conference, Jaycee stood up and bowed deeply again before leaving for the airport. The destination was not announced. (It was later reported that he flew to Taiwan and was reunited with his mother at an undisclosed location.)

With the world famous martial artist and movie star Jackie Chan as his father, Jaycee's arrest and ensuing detention and trial made worldwide headlines and garnered much media attention. When Jaycee was released on Feb. 13, the vehicle that carried him was even chased by the paparazzi. He now faces an uncertain future for his entertainment career, and as he himself said, time will tell if he mends his ways. He is still young at 32. He said he wanted a second chance and he will refocus on his longtime passion in music. Having been through imprisonment, he also values freedom very much now.

We extend our best wishes to Jaycee.

~ NancyZdramaland